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What’s mekke?

You can find

at “mekke”.

NIKKO city has rich history and traditional culture. “mekke” is a base to discover the attraction of NIKKO that featured the theme of “feel, communicate, go around”. You will find traditional but new NIKKO.


There is a great history and traditional culture which has been brought up since around 1,250 years ago, distant past than NIKKO Toshogu was built.

We wish you, both visitors and local residents, to find more and more attractions. And we hope you to communicate each other, so that there will be a greater fascination.

To achieve our wish, we try to be a base to discover the attraction of NIKKO. As a start, we will prepare the “NIKKO carving” experience program, coworking space, rental vehicles.

Why don’t you stop by “mekke”?

mekke vehicles

We have two vehicles perfect for sightseeing in NIKKO.

To provide you more fun for sightseeing in NIKKO, we prepared electric scooters and electric assisted bicycles.

Why don’t you experience the different NIKKO with traffic jam-free vehicles?

Vehicles introduction

Electric Scooter


<eBikeR L1>

MAX Speed 25km/h(16mph)

Cruising Distance: 28km(17.5miles)

Product Weight: 15.5kg


Using electric scooter, driver license

(motorcycle, valid in Japan)  is required.

Electric assisted bicycle




​MAX assistable speed: 24km/h(15mph)

Cruising Distance: 55km(34miles)

Product Weight: 18.8kg

Tires: 16inch(40.6cm)

How to Use mekke vehicles?

STEP1: Make a reservation

To make a reservation, choose the day you want to reserve from the reservation page, and input your information.

​※Sorry, the reservation page is written only in Japanese.

You can reserve from the website, and by telephone. Please feel free to ask.

STEP2: Reception

Please sign in at the reception desk.

※When we cannot confirm your driver license, we decline your use.

STEP3: Ride & Enjoy NIKKO!!

Before the departure, our staff will guide the way to use.

In case of electric scooter, let’s have some practice before departure.

In your touring, please enjoy shoping(there are some shops you can park the vehicles alongside.), and sightseeing. You can take a route map from the reception desk.

STEP4: Return

After using, please return the vehicles at “mekke” by17:00.

Rental charges

Electric scooter: 3,000 JPY/day

Electric assisted bicycle: 1,200 JPY/day

※The day count starts from the time you start using. If you step over the day with keeping your rental, we claim 2days charge.


<Q1> Is the driver license necessary for electric scooter?

Electric scooter is divided into a motorbike, and you need driver license (car or scooter, valid in Japan) is required.

<Q2> Can I drop off the vehicles?

No. Please return to “mekke” reception counter.

<Q3>Is insurance fee included in the price?

Yes. Our insurance contains the compensations below.

<Electric scooter>

Bodily injury liability: unlimited

Property damage liability: unlimited

Personal injury: unlimited

Othes: Road service included

<Electric assisted bicycle>

Death indemnity, physical impediment while being on board: 10million JPYHospitalization due to the injury while being on board: 5,000JPY/day

Going to hospital due to the injury while being on board: 3,000JPY/day

Liability insurance while being on board: 300million JPY

<Q4> Can I borrow a helmet and gloves?

For users of electric scooter, we loan out a helmet for free.

<Q5> Can I cancel the reservation in case of bad weather?

You can cancel the reservation without any cancellation fee. Please call us.

※Bad weather: The case when weather warning(rain, snow, thunderstorm, fog) is announced in NIKKO CITY.

If you have questions except the above, please call us.

Coworking space

Work in NIKKO,

Use with various styles

How about work and communicate in NIKKO? You can use the coworking space for usual telework, working holiday, and other various styles.


​Local culture experience

You can experience the traditional and local culture in “mekke”.

We have an experience program of “NIKKO carving” that represents Japanese wood sculpture.

For further information, please call us.

Gallery & community space

To enjoy NIKKO more and more!!

Gallery & community space in 2F of “mekke” is available.

For further information, please call us.



<Shop Address>
591 Gokomachi, Nikko City, Tochigi Pref. Japan​
+81 288-25-5715

<Business hours>

9:00AM – 5:00PM


Open all year round


Municipal Gokomachi 1st Parking lot and municipal Gokomachi 2nd Parking lot are convenient when you use “mekke” Nikko Kyodo Center.

In municipal Gokomachi 2nd Parking lot, charging stand (for ELECTRIC CAR) is available. On the use, please order it to the staff in reception counter.

You can reserve a parking lot of municipal Gokomachi 2nd  by  “Times B”. Please give us registration, by all means.

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